The Farm

Welcome to Thunthuru Eco Farm.  We are an eco-farm located in one of the World’s Bio Diversity Hotspot.  A pristine wooded area, we have taken all care to preserve nature as it is.   We are located about 40 minutes from Madikeri town on Bhagamandala Road.  Located at an altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level, the views are stunning.


You can walk all over the farm, ensuring your safety and that of the flora and fauna.  As a responsible farm, we are identifying native species of trees and planting them wherever we could and whoever wants them in their private estates.  If you want to be part of this initiative, please do talk to us while you are here.


We have worked on the farm with mostly naturally available or recycled materials as we do not wish to create any urban amenities and increase the carbon footprint.  Rest under the night sky, peep out of the tent to check how cold it gets, sit around the camp fire to catch some warmth.

Crafting this place is a continuous process.  As we do that, we let you enjoy your stay responsibly at our farm.